About the Database(关于本数据库)


      The database is conducted and designed by Professor Wenming Yang, searched and collated by Dr. Shijie Zhang, and jointly completed with the assistance of Dr. Wenjie Hao and Dr. Yue Yang. This database has been officially launched on September 23, 2022. It contains almost all the ATP7B mutations reported in articles included in Pubmed and Embase database updated to May 31, 2022, including both Chinese and international databases. The Chinese database initially included 639 ATP7B mutations, among which 242 are pathogenic, 292 are likely pathogenic, 34 are uncertain significance, 52 are likely benign and 19 are benign. The international database initially included 1528 ATP7B mutations, among which 585 are pathogenic, 686 are likely pathogenic, 105 are uncertain significance, 118 are likely benign and 34 are benign.  

       However, with thousands of articles to process, it is unavoidable to make mistakes. If you find any errors during use, please contact us with emails (zhangsj8708@126.com). Many thanks!




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